Trim & Accessories

At Max Kendall Lumber and Tin, we stock all the trim and accessories needed for all your metal roofing and lumber projects.

Metal Roofing Trim

Just like the 20 colors of metal roofing we offer, the same is true of our trim. The trim is cut from the same high quality painted metal as the roofing, custom cut to your specifications. Please refer to the following two charts to determine what trim pieces you need.

Residential Trim

residential metal roofing trim


Commercial Trim

commercial metal roofing trim


Metal Roofing Accessories

To complete your metal roofing job, we have all the accessories that you need. We stock NPC Sealants with all the same 20 colors to match your metal roofing color. To fasten down your metal roof, we stock a full line of wood grip screws in several different styles and lengths plus they too come in the same 20 colors to match your metal roofing.